Burger with vegetables

34,00 lei





Homemade Rye Bun – 120g (Whole Grain Rye Flour – 30g, Wheat Flour ‘0’ – 30g, Water, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Sugar, Yeast, Pink Himalayan Salt), Vegetable Patties – 100g (Zucchini – 40g, Boiled Potato – 30g, Oat Flakes, Carrot, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Granulated Garlic, Inactive Yeast, Parsley, Dill, Pink Himalayan Salt, Sweet Paprika, Coriander Seeds, Black Pepper), Cashew Cream – 50g (Cashew Nuts – 28g, Water, Inactive Yeast, Granulated Garlic, Black Pepper), Tomato – 50g, Caramelized Onion – 20g (Red Onion, Balsamic Vinegar, Coconut Sugar, Extra Virgin Olive Oil), Baby Spinach.

Nutritional Information/Serving (350g)

Energy (kJ/kcal): 2743.7 / 653.6, Fat (g): 22.8, of which Saturated fatty acids (g): 4.1, Carbohydrates (g): 92.5, of which Sugars (g): 9.3, Protein (g): 21.4, Salt (g): 2.5.


Nuts, Gluten.

*Derived from frozen products.